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Article  // Symbols and their Meaning

The Monument Shop

Anchor – Symbol of Hope
Bleeding Heart – Symbol of Grief, Bereavement
Blue Bell – Floral Symbol of Constancy, Sorrowful Regret
Calla Lily – Floral Symbol for Sympathy and Zeal
Clematis- Symbol of Mental Beauty
Columbine – Floral Symbol for Gentleness
Cross – Symbol of Christianity
Crown of Roses or Garland – Floral Symbol for Reward of Virtue
Daffodil – Symbol of Desire, Regard
Daisy – Floral Symbol of Innocence and Hope
Dove – Symbol of The Holy Ghost
Festoon of Flowers – Floral Symbol for Memory
Fruit and Vine – Symbolic of the Personality of Jesus Christ
Gladiolus – Symbol of The Incarnation, Preparedness
Grapevine – Symbol of Religious Truths and Mysteries. The Church, Unity
Hollyhock – Symbol of Ambition
IHS – Symbol or Monogram, the Contraction of the Greek work for Jesus
I.N.R.I. – Latin Abbreviation meaning “Jesus of Nazareth – King of the Jews”
Ivy – Symbol of Memory – Fidelity and Immortality
Jonquil – symbol of Desire, Regard
Laurel – Floral Symbol for Glory
Lily – Floral Symbol for Easter, Purity, Innocence, Heavenly Bliss, The Blessed Virgin
Lily of the Valley – Symbol of Return to Happiness
Morning Glory – Floral Symbol for Bonds of Love and Affection
Oak Leaf – Symbol of Courage, Strength, Endurance
Olive Branch – Symbol of Peace
Palm – Symbol of Victory, Spiritual Victory
Passion Flower – Symbol of the Anguish of the Crucifixion, Faith
Poinsettia – Symbol of The Nativity – Christ
Poppy – Floral Symbol for Sleep – Death when looked upon as sleep
Primrose – Symbol of Youth – Sadness
Rope – Symbol of Eternity
Rose – Floral Symbol for Love, Wisdom, Beauty
Shamrock – Symbol of The Holy Trinity, St. Patrick, Emblem of Ireland
Star – Symbol of Birth or Life
Sword – Symbol of Power, Justice, Warfare, Fortitude
Thistle – Symbol of Independence- Austerity- Emblem of Scotland
Tulip – Floral Symbol of Charity, Love
Violet – Floral Symbol for Modesty, Faithfulness
Water Lily – Symbol of Charity
Wild Rose – Symbol of Love, Simplicity